Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pay it forward/Editor Cassandra Marshall

It took me a while, to realize many things in regards to avoiding a pile up of rejections one of which was finding a great editor to help me polish my novel(s) I am lucky I was referred to my editor Lynnette Labelle from the lovely National best-selling romance author Roni Loren. My first YA is progressing nicely and the cost of the edits works well with my budget(aspiring writers never quit your day job) Today while going back and forth from twitter and rewriting couple chapters Cassandra Marshall sent out a tweet regarding ways to promote her editorial services I sent a few ideas, she expressed her goal which is for writers to hire her which makes sense, so to pay it forward I have attached the links to her websites, check out her info if it works for you make the decision to get serious about your manuscript and put it into the hands of someone that will help you rip it apart and sculpt it back again and hopefully better your chances with an agent/publisher. LINKS LINK II Keisha Martin

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