Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas short story

"Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word" Luke 1:38 My mother tucked me in bed, and then opened the book, she's going to read me the story about Mary, during the Christmas holidays I hear this story a lot at church, I snuggled more within the blanket, and focused on mom. She began that the angel Gabriel came to Mary, who thought she was dreaming, the angel told Mary it wasn't a dream and told her about her destiny. I began to drift off in thought about angels I wonder if angels have huge white wings, I watched a super hero movie that had angels, sometimes I wish I was a angel; an angel of the lord, cuz I would travel around the world and help the needy. Mamma, stopped reading and cleared her throat, my mother is like a super hero as if she can read my thoughts, right now the way she’s looking at me with her soft blue eyes; they are so calm even when I do the most naughtiest things. “Mama, I am listening.” I pouted. She smiled, and then began where she had left off, the angel told Mary about her destiny that her child will be Jesus. “Jared, Mary did not think twice she wanted Jesus and accepted that she will have a precious son.”I started to drift off again, my mother is the strongest women I know, I don’t have a father and mom never spoke about him, it’s just been us and I began think about my mother and Jesus mother, my mother has loved me from the moment she laid eyes on me, I know this because she never forgets to tell me, sometimes when I don’t clean my room, or forget to walk the dog, she reminds me a lot which sends me scurrying to clean my room, spic -and -span and take the dog out on a super duper long walk. “Mary accepted, she never questioned the angel, she accepted her fate.” Mama continued. Along their travels Joseph and Mary come upon a man that offered them a place to rest, it is there history was proclaimed. When I think about my mother I wouldn't change a thing, I am eight years old and I have made a promise too, I’ll protect my mother, and never forget to tell her everyday…especially the days I am not my best; that I love her with all my heart, you want to know a secret no matter what I do mamma… she always forgives me and then we bake the best chocolate chip cookies in all of Toronto. My mother loves me the same way Jesus loves us all, I think God gave us all mothers after creating the whole world and the universe he needed mothers to take good care of their children—his children. I hugged my mother, and tell her how much I love her, she lightly kissed me on the cheek and without saying any words I know that she loves me… well not the same as the way she loves the lord…but a close second. The End **I wrote this story for my church it is still a rough draft but I thought since its almost Christmas it seemed fitting to showcase my first short story, I never thought I could write one.

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