Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Writer's sharing knowledge

Wonderful article that was so good, I had to come out of my blogging respite to share, it brought many things into perspective and why there are so many factors that contribute to finding a great agent, getting published, and success selling books etc.


Carol Riggs said...

That IS a great article!! More writers should read that. It's not personal--it's a business decision. And agents are people too. Hope you are enjoying your summer! (what's left of it)

Keisha Martin Romance Writer said...

Thanks Carol, for responding to the link, although it was a great article it also made me take on another perspective, I don't necessarily believe an aspiring author will progress based on who he/she knows, it may help get them a step further but the writing will still have to stand on its own and again its subjective whether the agent will fall in love with the novel.

Unknown said...

It took me a while to realize that the book industry isn't personal. It's just what you like. It's exactly like me going into a book store and picking out my favorite book.

That said, articles like this always make me realize the insanity involved in what writers do. :/

I agree, a writer who might know an agent or someone in the industry might get their book published, but what happens after that? If it isn't good, it'll just sit there.


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