Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing when feeling horrible

I am enduring a terrible situation at work in which my emotions have fluctuated from anger to sadness to disbelieve, I didn't feel the need to write, my muse was not flowing ideas, I felt like a dark cloud was over me, I really wanted to give in and accept that it was okay, but I didn't because I realize my emotions was not caused by writers block and I went over the situation and realized I wasn't going to let it defeat my dream, so I wiped my tears and wrote, now likely what I wrote will be cut eventually, because I will realize it either didn't make sense or didn't do the scene justice and I like to give a decent effort even when I write my first draft. Faith is also really good, believing the ugly situation I am faced with will be rectified and it will be a horrible memory that would eventually leave my thoughts if I let my emotions get the best of my dream of getting published if and when that happens how would I cope with certain things like deadlines, reviews, or other task, now I am not saying its never okay to take time to oneself but for me I feel writing helps me cope it is my outlet to deal with stress it is the career that I hope one day will be something I do on a full time.

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