Monday, September 20, 2010

Not backing down.

As of late I don't have my awesome literary agent, I have had a few requests for partials and couple for the full, but they fizzled with a polite no thank you and this is the moment that defines my tenacity should I stop and say to myself that is too hard I can't go on? Therefore, I have chosen not to back down I know that my aspiration of getting published will be the most grueling experience I have ever pursued, but it's sort of magical taking the risk... hmm or probably I am a gluttony for punishment, at any rate, I have to make a go of my dream. I am still holding onto the possibility my yes will come.


Carol Riggs said...

Hi there. :o)
Noooo--don't give up now! If you are getting requests for partials and fulls, you are working your way up the grueling ladder of improvement! That's more than some people ever get, so count those as very positive things.

Roni Loren said...

Good for you for deciding to go forward. I think perseverance is the biggest key to success in this business. Most people give up. It's the people who keep pushing who eventually get there.

I think what's important is to keep writing. I could've given up after I finished my first book and then didn't land an agent with it. But I didn't. I put it in a drawer and moved on to the next project. Turns out my third completed novel is the one that got me the agent. So you never know. :) Good luck!