Saturday, April 10, 2010

The dreaded query Letter

Okay, reality has set in, my attempts of getting published, I never thought sending a query letter via email would be the most difficult process, considering largely that I dont send alot of emails per day, all I do is check my inbox and if I happen to feel in the mood to send back a lovely response I'll do so. I have made a few mistakes that I can laugh at and then obsess about it, dreaming about it, feeling if I send another query right away the heaviness will subside. But that one mistake is hanging I am taking a break and then resuming in a few days and start the craziness again. I have complied a list 108 agents; my aspiration to send to 108 literary agents, including in the list of course those that rejected my awesome novel...thats cool everyone has there own cup of tea and surpringly rejection is not that hard I have had a few years to build a brick wall so that I can take it, as long as no one is mean. Hopefully one agent will like my novel.

Next post will I may be brave enough to reveal my dreaded faux pas of my query letter blunders....its too soon for me to laugh I am still curled up in a ball crying...*-*

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